First and foremost thank you to all who have registered their son/daughter to participate in our Fall Season.

Our registration deadline just ended this past weekend so in the next two weeks we will be working hard forming teams and assigning/finding volunteer coaches to those teams. Once your son/daughter is placed on a team we will hand over a team list to his/her coach and they will be the ones reaching out to you.

Please keep in mind this is a long and tedious process so please be patience while you allow everything to happen that needs to take place before your son/daughter is contacted by their coach for practice.

Please remember the Porterville Soccer League is a “VOLUNTEER” based organization so our volunteer coaches are willing to dedicate their personal to coach your son/daughter, so please be patience with them as they begin to reach out to their players. Because of them finding time to coach your son/daughter, they are the ones who ultimately decide on the times and locations of practices and not our league.

One thing that is important to mention as other youth soccer leagues begin to practice, is that our league is not on the same schedule as other youth soccer leagues here in Porterville so you may start to see other leagues begin to practice and play league games sooner. With that said those leagues usually end by mid October and have fewer schedule games. Our league usually begins late August/early September and ends in early November.

For those who are new to our league please be aware this website is the portal to any updates and news. This is the first place any updates and news are posting so please be checking back.

In ending we would like to thank you beforehand for your participation in our league and hope your son/daughter have a great season.

PSL WebAdmin

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