This past weekend the question about the “Difference between NorCal Premier and CalNorth (CYSA)” was asked by a number of parents who are interested in having their son/daughter be a part of a local youth soccer club.

We asked that every parent do their research as to what is a better fit for your child as the difference between NorCal Premier and CalNorth (CYSA) as far as competition and the number of clubs associated with each organization is night and day.

Back in 2015, the South Valley Chivas website published a very informative article which details out the difference between the two organizations.

That article can be found at the following location: Why our club plays in the NorCal Premier and not CalNorth (CYSA)?.

Again it is very important that every parent interested in competitive soccer for their son/daughter, do their homework as there are major difference between both youth soccer organization when it comes to competition and the number of teams belonging to one organization or another.

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