After many discussions and many debates, our board felt it was very important that our recreational soccer league logo represented who we truly are and the organization that allows us to offer a recreational league to the youth of Porterville and the surrounding communities. The inclusion of the South Valley Chivas logo into the Porterville Soccer League logo was very important for us because in our logo we wanted to represent the relationship and pipeline which exists between both organizations. In creating the Porterville Soccer League many years ago, it was the our intent that it serve as a feeder program into the South Valley Chivas and for many years now it has truly serviced its purpose. For many years now, players who have excelled in the Porterville Soccer League have continued on to represent the South Valley Chivas all around the state and in some cases they have represented us around the world.

Rest assured that for many more years to come both organizations will continue to function and offer the same services and we hope that our players from the Porterville Soccer Leauge continue to eventually end up representing our South Valley Chivas competitive club.

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